Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Local Nature in the Media

Wilson bridge open to pedestrians and bikes: the consensus seems to be that the view is great, but once you're in Maryland, it's hard to bike much further. See this Post article and a damning review of National Harbor's readiness for the non-car traffic at Greater Greater Washington.

Hawks are nesting on the Rayburn Building: The Post's John Kelly takes a walk with a Hill birder to see the hawks (with a great picture) and whatever other birds they can find.

Beavers have rebounded, but not everyone is happy: The beaver population in North America has rebounded from 100,000 in 1900, to 10-15 million today, possibly close to original levels. This NY Times article is primarily about clashes between homeowners and beavers in Massachusetts, but makes reference to their comeback in DC as well. Bottom line: in humans vs. beavers, beavers often win.

Beauty of the Chesapeake: The Washington Post Sunday Magazine ran a gorgeous set of aerial photos showing both pristine nature and the human footprint on the Bay. It was accompanied by an essay asking, can we stop ourselves from destroying the Chesapeake Bay's natural wonders?: "The Chesapeake was alive with crabs, sturgeon and rockfish. Oysters grew on oysters, in reefs so big they broke the surface of the water. The bay's bounty, which helped sustain Native Americans for centuries, seemed endless...Some fear that eventually the bay may be pushed beyond an invisible point of no return -- that even if we finally muster the will to mend our ways, we'll find that the crabs, oysters and underwater grasses are so depleted that they can't return. "