Friday, July 31, 2009

3 Months: How Are We Doing? (And, How You Can Help)

When we started up The Natural Capital three months ago, we made a deal with ourselves that we'd give it six months and see whether it felt like we were actually providing a useful resource for our neighbors in DC. We're at the halfway point of that trial period, and we've already got more readers than we expected -- this seems like a good sign.

But still, we're in a vacuum without your feedback:
  • How are we doing? What would you like to see us do differently?
  • How did you find us? What keeps you coming back?
  • What's your favorite type of post? Which ones are really not helpful or interesting? For example, should we save ourselves the trouble of compiling the weekly calendar, or do you use it regularly?
  • What do you think about the length and frequency of our posts?
Leave a comment below, or email us at

Constructive feedback really is the most helpful thing you can do for us right now. But if you'd like to help The Natural Capital thrive, here are some more ideas:

1. Comment on other posts. Someone alerted us that we were unintentionally making everyone sign into Google to leave a comment when we first started this blog -- this should be fixed now. Comment away! We'd love to see a community develop in here among our readers.

2. Spread the word. Ultimately, the more people who are reading The Natural Capital, the more useful we'll be to this community. And hopefully it will come back to help you, too, with more info contributed in comments. We've now added a "share" tool at the bottom of each post so you can email, post to Twitter and Facebook, call us Delicious, and a bunch of other things that we're not even sure what they are.

3. Write a guest post. Elizabeth is our main writer, and she's travelling a lot for work this summer. Do you have a favorite trail you'd like to write up? Ideas for getting outdoors with kids? Some other outdoor topic you've got burning opinions on? Drop us a line at

4. Visit our "sponsors." This blog is a labor of love, and not really for money. But we do get a little something every time you click on one of our ads, and I have to say, it does sweeten the pot for us to keep going. Some are even for good causes and community organizations -- I know I've seen the Sierra Club and the International Club of DC pop up over there. Please let us know if there are any ads in the margin that seem inappropriate, and we'll have them blocked.

Thanks for reading!