Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Week of Links: Busy at Work and Play Edition

We've both been really busy this a few less links than usual, unless you want to read about the work Elizabeth's been doing for the Kaiser Family Foundation (along with several other projects that don't have results yet). But you're here for nature, not the complicated world of Medicare Part D. And we've got some for you:
  • Natural ringtones: make your phone ring with bird calls, or animal sounds from the National Zoo.
  • And speaking of the National Zoo, here's video of a recent deer vs. lions incident. Are zoo lions so weakened by captivity that they can't decisively take out a deer that strays into their enclosure? And are deer now so overpopulated in Rock Creek Park that they are actively seeking out predators?
  • There's a hearing on the Purple Line coming up on Dec. 10. It's a dilemma for nature lovers: do you make the Capital Crescent trail less nice in order to get more cars off the road?
  • Lovely pictures of the leaves in Klingle Valley from Valerie Hinojosa.
  • Bringing Nature Home to Your Ecosystem Garden: a podcast with author Doug Tallamy.
  • How's this for bringing nature into your home? An article from the New York Times home & garden section on Building With Whole Trees.
And a quote for your week:
Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower. -  Albert Camus