Friday, December 11, 2009

Links: Woody Woodpecker Edition

The kids at Locust Grove Nature Center are watching Woody Woodpecker this morning, and so can you:

Woody's supposed to be a piliated woodpecker. But the cartoonists take quite a bit of artistic license. What do they get right, and where do they go horribly wrong? Watch a little and see what you think.

Other things that have caught our eye lately:
  • Geminid Meteor Shower to peak this weekend.
  • Rain gardens make a local Habitat for Humanity building site greener.
  • Join Sierra's trails forum to enter this month's photo contest -- or just check out the COLD photos.
  • In Forest Kindergarten, kids spend three hours each day outside regardless of the weather.
  • Birds can throw their voices in the direction of a predator.
  • Ever Seen a Black Hiker Before? Great video from Funny or Die, via Outdoor Afro.
  • A wonderful collection of tree writing (including a piece from the Natural Capital) at Festival of the Trees.
  • Nice little video from local author Mary Amato on how mushrooms are like the writing process.